This is supposed to be fun

I took a break from work and went to Portland for a few days. It’s amazing how a change in your ordinary routine can allow serendipity back into your life.

This Is Supposed To Be Fun t-shirt

You can buy this shirt from Tender Loving Empire at

I randomly walked into Tender Loving Empire and loved this shirt enough to buy it. For me, it’s going to be a visual reminder at work that it should be fun. Yes, really.

You can earn a living while being miserable just about anyplace. Discovering a fun occupation and workplace is one of life’s great challenges.

The shirt is actually the title of a song and album by King Friday. I didn’t know this at the time I bought it. So, to me, the shirt is still a reminder about what I should be doing at work. See: serendipity!

A tool I’ve used (and, admittedly…sometimes ignored) is to ask myself at the end of the day if work is giving or taking energy. On days when I’ve been in the zone and had a great day, I find that work has energized me. I’m eager and excited and feel like I’ve accomplished great things! I want to go back tomorrow and do more of that!

On other days, I feel drained by work. I’m exhausted and dreading the next day before it starts. That’s not a great mental state to be in.

Pay attention to what energizes you and what drains you. Tweak as much as you can in your job to do more of what gives you energy while ditching what drains you. Ask yourself whether you can stop doing what’s draining you. Seriously: is that draining task an actual job requirement or something you’re doing because you think you’re supposed to? If it still needs done, can you delegate it to somebody else? There’s no accounting for taste…somebody may love (and even be energized by!) the very activity that drains you.

Do less of what’s draining you so you have more time for what’s energizing you. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

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